Q: What tools do you need to sell your business?

A: Let’s find out.

You’ve got tools that make your business what it is.  Manufacturers have laser cutters, welding robots, paint lines and more tools than can be mentioned here.  Distributors tools include racks, bins, for lifts, conveyors and the like.  When we created OwnerFAQ, we realized that like all of our clients, we had developed tools that we used over and over regardless of the industry we were working in or business we were working with.

We decided to make those tools available to our members.  Some are free but most require paid memberships to access.  Some can even be downloaded (an Excel spreadsheet for example) and used over and over.

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” icon=”aaa-statistics32.png”]Our Assessments are Free, basic and sophisticated

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” icon=”aaa-arrow-down.png”]Determining the value of your business is one of THE MOST IMPORTANT steps in determineing when you will sell. Our valuation tools provide a basic understanding of the components of valuation as well as calculate values based on “standard” industry methods. We have also developed patentn pending technology called “Reverse Valuation”.

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